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Changing Resolutions

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When i installed kotor2 the only two resolutions i could select were 800x600 or 1024x768... has anyone been able to set other resolutions other than those? There just simply arent any other possible choices i have than 800 or 1024... or am i overlooking something (i can have really selective vision sometimes haha)?


Additionally.. I have a widescreen lcd, native 1280x800 res.. if i cant get it to 1280x800 i'd just rather play it on windowed mode so i get no stretching... has anyone been able to get it to go into windowed mode? I've set the Fullscreen to 0 and also added AllowWindowedMode=1 into the [Display Options] (like for NWN) but that hasn't done anything..


Any help is appreciated.


And btw, if anyone has similar specs like me, i've been able to get K2 working (although the resolution is stretched) and maybe i can help you out. I'm running on a laptop: emachines m6811, AMD64 3400+, Ati mobility radeon 9600 using the latest omegas, and 512megs of ram.

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