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Three Problems

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Ok- while playing the game I have encountered two major problems that prevent progress and one minor annoyance- the first of which has been- sorta- solved, but I need input- the second is just a plain crash.


The first problem: I have a character that I play a short ways through (1st time playing game at all) then when I go back to create a second character - it will let me create the character to whatever specifications I would normally- then it runs the movie- but when it gets to the in-game part- when it orriginally showed the first-person view of the little-robot waking up- it give me a black screen- and asks me whether or not I want to skip the intro. If I say I don't- it will just leave me with a black screen and some directional audio (I can hit the buttons to turn the camera and-although there is no visual- the audio will react as the 'black camera' goes in cicles...) I can still access the menus by hitting escape, however- and I noticed that somehow the inventory was carried over from my first game- however, I can do nothing but exit the game. If, on the other hand, I choose to skip the intro- it loads up the kolto tank area- it DOSN'T play any in-game cinematic to get me out of the tank- and as an effect I'm stuck inside of it. -Except its not the character I just created- but my first character. -Add to that the bounding box that somehow prevents me from walking out of the tank and I'm screwed. I was able to track the problem to the 'current game' folder which -when deleted- will allow me to create the character without problems- but of course the game will recreate the folder each time- and now- I have to delete the folder every time I want to switch characters otherwise it loads up partially before it locks up on the loading screen- I belive it is supposed to be a temporary folder only but some code is not being read- and it isn't being deleated when it should- Can that be confirmed- and can someone figure out a way around it so I dont have to delete it every time?


Second problem: This is a bit simpler- but I havn't found any kind of solution yet...

In the Pelagus hanger when you get to shoot the sith soldiers with the Ebon Hawk's Turret- I can get through shooting them- and then it cuts to Atton (or whatever his name is) breifly saying something about having been boarded- and it goes to load something before compleatly crashing to desktop- second time it even decided to reorganise my desktop on me (it also reported changing the resolution- but I didn't notice that...

Any suggestions to get around this? (computer specs at bottom of post- if those help)


The 'minor annoyance' is that I cant save while in control of one of the characters I didn't make (like kriea) otherwise when I load it up again then main character is replaced by a duplicate of the sub-character that I was controlling- and if I forget- and I do load it I have to go delete the 'current game' folder and load a previous save. (so it ties in with the first problem)

Again- PLZ HLP!




Computer Specs:



3.2 Gigahertz

ATI Radian PRO 800

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Unfourtunatley- thats part of the problem- I have already re-installed it 3 times.

Now I'm at the point where I'm going to install it onto another computer with worse specs just in case it works in such mestierious ways. (hey- worth a shot... cant get anywhere with the original comp...)

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