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Requesting ANY Help

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This will now be the third time I've installed this game.


The first time, ok, was my mistake. After re-inserting disk 1, nothing happened, so I cancelled setup. I was told Program not installed properly.


I thought, alright, this is my fault. Fine.

(This was yesterday after about 16 hours of waiting for the thing to install. I saw someone post about Notron giving him problems, so hopefully that explains the trouble.)


Edit: I was, at this point, force to uninstall since there is no option to restore the installation program.


But this time, there is no way its my fault. I installed COMPLETELY. The setup closed itself.



Edit: At this point, I needed to uninstall again, but to preserve as many files as I could, I renamed the main directory, so that the uninstall would be unable to find the files to remove them.


I checked the directories. There were 2 subdirectories. Somehow, all the progress I made AFTER DISK 1 was gone!!!!!


I'm now working on my third install. If this does not work, I WILL be returning the game. Whether its for a full-refund or not will be determined later.



AMD AthlonXP 1.8ghz


50+ GB HD space

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 w/ 128MB RAM

DirectX 9.0c

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I am still looking for help with this issue.


If it helps determine my trouble, there are times where install stops, and I am given a message about a volume missing, or that "data %2 .cab on disk %3 cannot be found in drive %1".


Thinking about it more, I would greatly appreciate it someone might be able to supply me a file that contains the name, location and size of all the files being installed on my computer.


If something isn't being installed, or is not installing properly, that would certainly cause my problem.

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I noticed those about 30 minutes ago or so.

If this 3rd attempt does not work, I plan on trying that method.


I thought about it while I was at home about 3-4 hours ago, but I didn't know if it would work. The system seems to look for specific disk names, so I wasn't sure it would be successful.

But since Lucasarts suggests it, I can only hope it works.


Thanks for mentioning it just the same.

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