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Free online resources for Painter and Photoshop?

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Kaftan Barlast

Kaftan Barlast

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Thought Id be good for us artist types if we made some sort of a listing here, especially for myself because I havent been bale to find anything good for free yet



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Yeah, good idea.
Although, I never had that sort of problem: just Google search them.

But, here are some of my fave sites:


http://www.photoshopcafe.com - LOTS of stuff there

http://www.ministryimage.com/ - Colin Smith's web-site. He's a very talented PS-guru


www.3dnuts.com - good tutorials for beginners and pros alike

www.3dcafe.com - huge site

www.comet-cartoons.com/ - some pretty good modelling tutorials there

Well, that's it for now.
I'll look again and see if I can find more.



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www.phong.com used to be really good. But now the site is really badly designed. At least its better than the last incarnation where you had to solve a puzzle before you could get into the site.

It has some pretty good photoshop tutorials.

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