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Oooookay. I've got some questions... and I wouldn't mind some answers


Topic 1.) Bugs.

Nar Shadaa: During Nar Shadaa, in the fight between Atton and the two Twi'leks, it froze, causing me to lose a little time in game, maybe an hour, well when I re-loaded my character was broken, as in he would no longer trigger dialogue from NPCs, such as the droid in the shop to get the utility, aaanndd the main point to Nar Shadaa with the Quarren, I ran around doing stuff for an hour or more, trying to see if I could do anything to spawn up the quest, nope. So I reloaded a previous game, boom there goes 8 hours of gameplay. I go through game still has the same glitches I had on nar shadaa, just dialogue camera and stuff, and repeated previous conversations, but no big deal I worked past it. Ran into. Thats all for the bugs on my first game, went through at beat it, yay. jump in the ebon hawk, and fly into space! Closure? No. Bad ending making you play the next game? Yes.

Game #2: It was fine, until citadel station, when atton fell underworld, but I didn't realize that when I clicked around to look to see where he was, "Oh okay, he's under world, I'll just run to a new zone to pop him out. What's this? my guy used his Force Powers to teleport underworld with atton?! Kiera too?! Awesome!" So that caused me to do some reloading, not much time was lost maybe 35 minutes. In the Telos old military base, down below, I ran into a little problem with my upgrades, due to the work bench. All upgradable items in my equip now have the look of a thermal detonator, and have no item description. So I thought okay, I'll load up a previous game - again - Same problem with the previous loaded game. So I switch to my first game, on one of the saves in the ebon hawk, go to the work bench, all the items are the same, so I thought maybe those items are just broken. Bad news, but I could work past it in my new game, since its early on. No when I would take one of the thermal detonators out, the item would disapear and it'd be gone. No all of my items can't be upgraded in either game, because if that happens, my item is gone.


My Xbox, is not modded, in anyway, I'm 16 I live in iowa, I have no idea how to get ahold of that stuff. My xbox is a couple years old and the game is a Rental. (I've played on 2 different rental cds)


So, the question at hand is:

How much did you pay those critics to give this game good reviews?


The story line was pretty good, I extremely liked the prestige classes, and the henchmen, except GO-TO. I like this game more than the first. minus the bugs.


Anyway, so the main question is: How the hell can I play this without it messing up?

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