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FAQ of recent forum movement


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Decided to make new topic for this.


Yep, it's time to address this.


Here's a quick FAQ on the recent forum movement:


Q: Is BioWare really producing NWN2, behind the name of Obsidian, or is it truly Obsidian, with help from BioWare? Or is it Obsidian alone?


A: Obsidian Entertainment is the sole developer of Neverwinter Nights 2. Obsidian is an independent game developer that has contracted with Atari to develop NWN2. Obsidian isn't a partner or subsidiary of BioWare in any way, but we did license BioWare's Aurora Engine to develop NWN2. As a group of fellow game developers we've worked with one another for many years.


Q: Why did the forums move from Obsidian to BioWare?


A: As a group (that is, Obsidian, BioWare and Atari) all recognize that there is a huge community of original NWN1 fans that are very active here on BioWare's forums. Our hopes in bringing the NWN2 community here is to keep the community in one place and encourage more fan discussion and input, and to maintain the community development and participation in the legacy of NWN. By moving the forums here, it was felt that fans could more easily transition from NWN to NWN2.


Q: Obsidian created Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and is also developing Neverwinter Nights 2. Does this mean Obsidian is also making Jade Empire 2 and/or Dragon Age 2?


A: No.


I recognize that it has been a little confusing, but before all these wild n' crazy rumors get out of control, I thought it best to make a comment.




Darren Monahan

Producer, NWN2

Obsidian Entertainment


:) This was orginally posted in bioware forums.

This post is not to be enjoyed, discussed, or referenced on company time.

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