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If KOTOR3 was like ROTJ


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With all of the rampant speculation about KOTOR3, let's help any potential devs by giving an entertaining thread on exactly what *not* to do for KOTOR3 :-


If Knights of the Old Republic III was like Return of the Jedi:

1) The opening sequence would be a returned to what is left of Taris, starting with HK and T3 and then hoping between other NPCs with the main character appearing later. This linear sequence occurs in one area, and lasts for 12 hours of the game.

2) Mandalore is "killed" during the escape of the player. Fan fiction and extended universe writers attempt to resurrect their beloved character for the rest of eternity.

3) The final 8 hours of the game deal with the discovery of a StarForge II in orbit of a tropical planet eerily like the Unknown World where the first Starforge was.

4) The player character lands on this planet, and deals with a new race of diminutive humanoids who aid against the Sith. Later the player finds Revan and the Exile and leaves for StarForge II.

5) A lengthy fight sequence where the player fights innumerable amounts of enemies in each room of StarForge II lasts for what appears to be an indefinate period of time. This is interspliced with the occasional snippets of a space battle between the Republic and Sith fleets where players can swoon over Carth Onassi, Atton Rand, and Mira.

6) When finally reaching the throne room and confronting The True Sith, a long, linear dialogue with little to no roleplaying opporunities intersplices a crudely constructed four way battle between the player, the Exile, Revan, and The Truth Sith.

7) StarForge II is then destroyed after a set period of time. Revan and the Exile kill The True Sith while the player is dying. The player then attempts to save Revan and the Exile as StarForge II explodes.

:rolleyes: The end sequence on the tropical planet shows force spirits of Malak, Kreia, Vrook, Vandar, the Exile, and Revan all in a group photo looking oddly young, goofy, and smiling at the player.

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If KOTOR3 was like ROTJ


It would suck as bad as the movie!!~(*&~*&!^$()*%




You're such an angry young lady

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