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What did I do to deserve this?

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Someone, please, please help me. I received Kotor II as a Christmas gift, and I have beat the game once. Sometime around New Years, I tried to load one of my saved games...and it froze when the bar was about 2/3rds full. I tried to load a different save- froze. I tried to load a different character-froze. I tried to start a new game- froze. Today, we went to the store where we got the game and got a new copy. Excited to finally play out the game a second time, I went home and attempted to load a new game. It froze.

I do not have a modded Xbox. Every other game on my Xbox plays fine. All I want is to be able to play the game that my parents payed $50 dollars for. Yet Obsidian doesn't even have a technical support section on their site. I am plagued w/ questions, such as, but not limited to (Why do you mock me Obsidian? Why do you mock me God? wtf Mate?) Most of all, I would appreciate it if any one has any helpful suggestions.

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(w00t) OMG OMG! Sorry, I sound like an imbecile, but OMG. I gave it one last try before deleting my save files in disgust, and...it worked! It actually loaded my save! Thank you, God!


Thanks for your feedback  :lol: but I won't be needing it  :D


Now, I shall finish what I started  :lol:

Let the gutting commence. :devil:

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