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How do you make a mod

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Someome with great fantasy when it comes to writing stories.


Someone who can script


Someone who can write (at least dialogs).


Someone who can make beautiful areas.


Someone with great ideas.


And read a lot of documents about a lot of things.. *nods*

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Alot more.


Information you need before making a mod:


1. What game are you planning to mod from.


a. Because you need to know what kind of codeing requires. Also some games are easy to mod. Like for exsample: I use to make mods for Star Trek: Armada II. The programers of the game made it simple to use. Since they added comments in the program to tell people what this code does and how it works.


2. Then you need some software to make models or graphics.


a. You need a 3D program that is compadable with the game you play. Since some games uses different programs to make their models.


b. You need a graphics program like "Photoshop." Since you need them to make textures or GUIs.


3. You need to make a team. No one person can make a mod good. Your team needs experts who are willing to take their free time to help create your mod.


Anybody else want to add? :thumbsup:

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Are you planning to mod a specific game?


In any event, if you have never modded before, I suggest you start small such as making new items, changing a few things here and there in order to familiarize yourself with the tools and the game instead of trying to make a huge mod that touches many areas of modding at a time.

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