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Council? What Council? *spoiler alert*

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OK this is my second time through the game. I have already beaten it once as a male LS guardian


This time I am playing as a female DS Sentinal/Sith Lord.


I have Killed all the Jedi masters on the different planets, Kreia is now telling me to go back and face the council on Dantoine. I go to the Enclave and Wham guess what no one is there and the game freezes looking at the spot where the council should have been (If I left any alive and where they where on the LS through) I cannot see how any DS char would leave any of the council alive as they give you extra Force points everytime you kill one of them and the master on Onderon even left me a nice Saber crystal.


I have tried with and without Kreia in my party and cannot past this point


for the record I am playing with a legit copy from my DVD because the standard answer seem to be something about a crash on the HDD


So what do I need to do to get past this point???????

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I had this exact same problem and i had already tried all the suguestions prior to reading this page, but to no avail, needless to say i am very frustraighted because i have put so much time into this character only to not be able to advance. If anyone can shed any light on this at all, please say something.

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I experienced the same problem on Dantooine playing as a DS character and it did frustrate me. However, I got past this problem by using arlaharen's advice in another post... You can get past this "panning bug" by choosing the Salvagers' side to proceed to the Enclave (Bottom Right from Khoonda map area) instead of the Mercenaries' side.


The Mercenaries side is where Diopak & the 3 Mandalorians merc's were closest too - do not take that route before going to the Enclave. It's a very strange bug, but I did get past the cut-screen & continue my pillage of the galaxy.

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