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chronicles of ny

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i just read the brief write up for this game. anyone hear anything about it? the basics of the game actually sound kind of interesting. but i guess it depends how the rest is implemented.


from rpgdot.com:


ClownKeep's The Chronicles of Ny is an interesting project. A 3D party-based RPG, the emphasis is on roleplaying and story in a traditional fantasy world rife with regional politics. ClownKeep intends to release Chronicles as an ongoing series of self-contained but linked 10-15 hour episodes, with each regular release adding new areas and features. At this point not a lot of information has been released about the specific game mechanics but Chronicles is party-based (although followers won't be under direct player control), skill-based and will have realtime-with-pause combat. Party dynamics play an important role with followers having individual personalities but characters with high Leadership skills will have more influence on party-members

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