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KOTOR 3 Choice Selections


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I loved KOTOR I and KOTOR II is even better. However, I had some interesting ideas for KOTOR 3. While I am sure you (programming team), receive ideas all the time, I thought it wouldn't hurt if I posted mine, as well.


1) Let the player start off as either JEDI or SITH. If your a JEDI, then you have a -COMPLETELY- different game. I'm talking different planets, different missions, etc. Then, if your a SITH, then you literally can fight to control the Sith fleet. Not just the characters becomming "dark side," but actually being a full Sith Lord (or whatever prestige class). Instead of you being fully evil, yet still fighting the Sith, you actually could control their fleet.

I'm also referring to like a whole different objective. Not the same game with different dialogs and different options/movies, but different planets/missions/etc.


Also, instead of just having dialog-changing events, have game-changing events. Like for example: Let's pretend on Peragus you have the option to blow up or not blow up the mine field. If you do blow it up, you go to a completely different set of planets again (including the already different game if you choice JEDI or SITH.), and if you don't blow it up, you continue on the game.

You could include several "game-chaning" events, and make literally each time through almost impossible to be the same game more than once.


However, still let dialog choices effect the outcome... because you then get to literally play the game hundreds of time, with each time being different.


2) Please put an actual romance back into the game. Like literally let Mira/Handmaiden/Visas/etc. fall in love and kiss and all with the character. (Like Revan and Bastilla in the original KOTOR.)


3) On the fight scenes, (ex: When Kreia walks on the bridge on Malachor V and the Sith show up behind her, actually show Kreia attacking them or using force powers... not just a black screen, fade in, and we see everyone die.)


4) Please don't get rid of HK-47! He is the best part of the game, meatbags! :-P


5) **Endings!** The ending in KOTOR II was interesting in the fact that Kreia told the future, but it offered no real resolutions. More importantly, *** NO END-GAME MOVIES! *** You HAVE to have end-game movies, PLEASE INCLUDE END-GAME movies in the next KOTOR III.


I realise that -especially number one- is a programming nightmare, but it would be so amazing just to see the different (hundreds) of ways to play one game.


Also, please somehow explain what became of Revan and the TRUE SITH. That would be a great plot for KOTOR III. The "TRUE SITH" or the Jedi side of the game: re-organizing the order and then gathering forces to battle the "TRUE SITH."


These are just my suggestions that I think would make KOTOR III not only the best game ever, but also the most advanced game ever created.



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Thanks Revan368,


I'll just close this opne down and hopefully people will add to your discussion in the ongoing thread.



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