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Bet the Game my confusion.

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took me like 58 hours or so. I beat the game finally




But what was sucky was that I never got to be a perstiege class at all when I beat the game, couldn't get enough evil or good to do it :(




I only had got 1 black screen glitch and a few walk through walls glitches and that was it, when I had a black screen glitch I wiped my saved games and started over and didn't have another 1.


Really wished the game companys took more care with their games when releasing them then they care about the money. I see to much junky games out on the market with tons of bugs and glitches because they want to be fast in getting the games out to the people. What the companys should really care about is having a kick ass game with no bugs or glitches or at least alittle. Can't sell a game much when you got so many bad reviews from players who already tried the games.


I liked KOTR 2 even though I love MMORPG's and RPG stlye games but I had gave KOTR 2 a chance.

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