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Jedi-making and romance Qs

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All right. I beat the game not half an hour ago as a LS Guardian/Weapon Master. Overall, I thought the game was great....but like many have said, the last couple of hours just blew goat balls for one reason only: story. There were just way too many holes and 'wtf' moments in this game, and then a lousy ending, for me to like it more than Kotor 1, but I still enjoyed it. Anyways.


On to the SPOILERS....




How do I get Bao-Dur and Atton to be Jedi?

I just absolutely ran out of conversation options with them, and I have the nice fat Prima guide for reference. It didn't help. I didn't have enough influence to get the rest of Atton's story, and I had NO options with Bao-Dur. I've been thinking perhaps I need to go around with them in the party so they can be present for positive events (for positive influence), but I'm not sure.


Also, how do I get any romance dialogue/behavior out of Handmaiden and Visas?

Handmaiden was trained as a Jedi, but everything stopped after that. For Visas, I don't recall ever getting any influence out of her in dialogue, and I went through those hardcore. Endgame, she was sweet on me, but I never learned Force Sight or had any sort of romance dialogue with her, or a confrontation between Visas and Handmaiden. Which means no commentary by Mira.


How do I get the story behind the navicomputer from T3?

I'm assuming it boils down to influence and repairing/upgrading him enough, which I didn't do, being Guardian and putting all my skills elsewhere.


How do I get stories from Mandalore?

Again, I imagine it's influence, which you get from acting tough and possibly having him in your party for influence occasions.


I also....

-Never got any result from the New Fuel Supply or whatever quest, even when it showed up as completed and I went back to Citadel Station

-Can NOT win any swoop races, which I assume is just due to it being a completely pathetic part of the game (Kotor1 was challenging, this is virtually impossible)


Anyways, that's enough. Basically, any tips or commnentary on all this would be appreciated. =)


Overall score of the game: 8.0. I considered it a 9.5 or so until the ending. =/

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Can't answer everything, since I'm still finding new stuff in my game, but:


For Atton, it's influence: Early on, agree with him and be nice to him to gain influence. On Telos, talk to all of the handmaidens, one of them will tell you something she noticed about Atton. Ask him about it and select the option that says he's a great asset to gain more influence. Then, take him around with you to Nar Shadda's Refugee Quarter for more information about his past. After that talk to him again about his past, and I think he should be ready to crack and finally opt to becoming a Jedi.


T3, again, early on, be nice to him, tell him you appreciate his hard work. Then upgrade him via Computer Skill and Repair as much as you can. He should eventually display the hologram, plus you'll get a new ability if you finish the upgrade mini-quest.


Yeah, the new fuel supply quest was a bit disappointing to me. Short answer is, that from what I can tell, you never get credit with anyone for helping to restore the fuel supply. Sure, when the Sith are shooting at you and blow up the planet it's all your fault, but if you go out of your way to get them an alternative fuel source no one bothers to say a bloody "Thank you."

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Guest Eric328

For Bao- Dur if your dark I wouldnt try training him because i dont think it will work out, but if your light just gain alot of influence with him and eventually a dialogue will pop up and you can turn him into a jedi from there.

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