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well i started the game and everything was flowing fine till i visited nar shaada.... i have done everything i can.... i have encountered the red eclipse on my ship... fought and destroyed them.... and then nothing happened went and did everything i could do (mission wise) i even bought the stratedgy guide from best buy....but i got frusterated..... so i went on to the other planets.... they all went smothly.... what do i have to do in order to get this hologram message from Visquis?? :wacko:

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I've hit two major glitches on Nar shadda.

1) I did complete all required missions up to the point in which you receve a message to meet in a private lounge. I dont get that at all, and I have done everything, spoken to every one, left planet did all remaining worlds, and came back. The bounty hunters are standing outside, Mira is near the Ebon Hawk platform, Hanhaar is near the cantena, as is one of the twin sun's. I can't interact with them, I left again, and found my ability to talk to my group is now gone, nor can I work a work bench. finally I tried one last time to speek to a group member, and the screen went black.

whats wrong with these games? were they ever beta tested? I've spoken to countless people having very same problems, and many many more, the Lucas Arts forum is getting hit BADLY with glitch reports, I've counted over 200 differant glitches over the past week from all over the availible forms. Its almost like things were rushed. I do love the game, visuals, story, the time put into ancient Jedi history..its the overall programing that sucks, if it gets worse, will there be a recall or at least a fix of some nature, I just want to know why there are countless issues


I did pay off the lil rodent, AND finished the landing rights story, the trade wars everything. :angry:

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