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Shyrack Cave Question

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I have two questions.


First, when you have the vision where Kiera fights the other members of your party, are you supposed to do that vision two times? I normally would have thought this is a giltch but there is a dialouge option that says : Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. I thought this dialouge would support the option of revisiting this vision, however that option is there the first time you talk to Kiera and also there is no changes between the vision the first time and the second time. Also, when I support Kiera (this is the only choice I've made here) the Handmaiden suddenly appears where as, Atton T-3 and Bao-Dur approach Kiera and are acknowledged. The Handmaiden is just there when the fighting begins. Is there a missing scene or dialouge where she joins the fight that I'm not seeing?


After the vision with Kiera fighting the rest of the party, you have the vision with Revan, however , before the fight begins you can see yourself (unless its some guy that looks like me) standing by Revan in front of a flag/banner. As soon as you activate the fight, the duplicate of you fades away. Is this another glicth or is there a reason you stand beside Revan in your vision, could it symbolize something... Any input on this subject is thanked.

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The fighting twice with Kreia is a glitch, I believe. You can use it to get double the LS points though, if you so desire.


The vision of you next to Revan is intentional, I think. Symbolic of what is later to come in the game, you might say. Although the entire vision cave is symbolic of what is to come later in the game as well.

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