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GOTO`s YACHT - How open the Docking Hatch???

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at the moment i`m on gotos yacht... i killd everything 6 explored everything. but how it works, that i return to ebon hawk?


have i to overload so system from the bridge ore deactivate the security systems that i can overload the enegy system??????


i tryed a lot but nothing worked...!

please help..! :-

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Somewhere along the line, you should have recieved the access codes for the power system.


Go to the bridge, and go to the bridge console. Upload the software, unrestrict the access, and then shut down the power system. You should get a message saying that the shields are down and there are ships incoming to attack.


After that, the docking hatch will be open. Make your way back to where the Ebon Hawke is, and everything should be good to go.

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so... i cecked everything again...! and found nothing.

i`ve got acces to all programms.. nothing is locked.


when i want overload the power disribution he sad: " failure. power supply systems already operating at levels exceeding recommended maximun.


if i want overloead the containment cells, he sad failure... cannot be run on this system..!



when i ceck the other computer on the bridge

i can only view the secondary power ?!?!?


ohhh ****..... i hate such things...!


is a different between xbox & pc?

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