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kotor1 and kotor2 both have alot of the same bugs

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i wouldnt blame obsidian because of the bugs because i saw alot of the same bugs here that i did in the first game (your disc may be dirty or damaged), (the save game is damaged), (black screens) ect. well i thought they would clean these up but i guess not im starting to think its the game engine desing or something because i have many other games for x box that have no problems playing at all only kotor 1 and 2. im hearing that they will make an xbox live patch to fix these only i dont have xbox live and im not going to get it to fix 1 game in my collection thats to much money im not that dedicated to playing the game so i guess im sol right ether that or they have to make a refundable disc or something but this is just pure crap.

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