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Black Screen? Mine won't even load


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I've got to add my two cents worth on the whole "This game doesn't work" thread.


I got a refurb xbox last year for and played original KOTOR on it. It was loaded with problems. I returned the XBox and got a new one, and had the same problems.


I put up with them because it was a good game.


Now that KOTOR2 is out, its discouraging to see the same problems:


1) It takes about 5-10 tries just to get the game to load at all. Mine locks up at the LucasArts logo, the obsidian logo, and the legalese screen. I returned the DVD and got another one and the problems persist.


2) On the rare occasion I can get it working, I usually don't make it 15 minutes without something happening. I've found myself in some sort of test mode where the character moves through space but does so in a neutral position (i.e. the limbs don't move, and ALL characters float above the ground with their feet shoulder width apart with their arms away from their body -- the stance you'd use if you were creating a base 3D model in order to get the articulated joints correct)


3) Sometimes polygons that are supposed to be invisible are fully visible and obscures your view of the scene.


4) Sometimes long strings of characters and numbers occupy the top and bottom of the screen.


5) Sometimes the NPC's are invisible. Its really bizarre when they are talking; the camera faces them and there's nothing there, but you can hear them.


And then there's standard lock ups; between levels is the most common place for it. Combat is very choppy. It sometimes takes 15-30 seconds for the DVD to read data in the middle of a fight (enough time to go get a soda and play a game of pole position on the little Namco unit I got -- thankfully, I'm not very good at pole position).


I'm not running a modded box (but it is an EB refurb) and I paid for the game at EB (I mean c'mon, if you're going to risk a criminal offense it should be for something that costs more than fitty bucks).


So what's the deal? I haven't seen any posts that show anyone having this much trouble. Its complaints about black screens (which I see a lot of) and broken quests but I can't even get out of the earliest section of the game (I made it to the Harbinger but that's all).


Do I need to buy a brand new XBox to get this game to work? If I knew for a fact it would work, I'd do that -- the only reason I bought the XBox to begin with is so I could play Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance -- my favorite PC franchise. If I can play KOTOR2 for $150, I'll do it.


And if I do, will it work FOR SURE or should I just wait until the PC version comes out which would hopefully have another 2 months of QA and the ability to be patched?

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