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Splashscreen? spoilers....

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What was the splash screen that Mr. Avalone talked about being at the end? Was it the convo with Kriea?


Yes. Rather than having a splashscreen and narration to explain what happens to each planet and npc, you have the conversation with Kreia where she looks into the future and tells you what will happen.


So let me get this straight, although Kreia has jerked you around the ENTIRE game to get what she wants, Darth Traya The BETRAYER will suddenly start telling the truth?


Fair enough... I guess.... kinda... sorta.

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why does everyone care so much about spoilers? yea there is a whole other board for spoilers, but if the topic of the thing says SPOILERS in it, and u dont wanna see any spoilers then dont go there.


and yes, after u beat the hell out of the old woman, she tells u the future of all your companions and crap as a final "gift" to you.

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