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If you haven't played through with all classes, and I can't imaging you have yet, unless you're fortunate enough to not have to sleep, you should probably stay with the corresponding prestige class. In your case, Guardian/Weapons Master. In electronic RPGs balance should come in the form of a balanced party. If you attempt to balance a character you're making the character a little weak across the board. You should concentrate on one type of combat, melee or ranged, and you should concentrate on one character type, Guardian/Weapon Master, Scout/Sith Assassin, Consular/Jedi Master, et cetera. This creates the most powerful characters by placing all of your automatic statistical upgrades and any automatic feats into areas that are useful to your character.


Although you did not mention this, it is also wise to emphasize certain abilities in your character. A Guardian should probably have high strength as they'll likely be a melee fighter, and high strength adds damage bonuses. You could take Saber Finesse, but with a PC that is a waste. It could make sense with an NPC that starts with very high Dexterity, but for your PC, it doesn't make sense. A Guardian would likely want two points in Intelligence just so they could put points into persuade, since they're the only character that can do that, and particularly early in the game, treat injury as you spend a lot of time without companions. A Guardian PC should probably place the blance of their points in Charisma, to provide a charisma bonus to persuade, and constitution to provide more hit points for your little tank in training.


I could go on, but I've already gone beyond your question. Forgive me if I went overboard, but it felt as though that information were pertinent in light of your question.

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