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What the duece?....spoilers

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Am i the only one who encountered this, i doubt it but no1 nor the guide has mentoined it-


Playing LS at the end kreia says i have trouble with this 1, i cant read her mind- points to mira. so mira is walking and hanhar is behind her and they duel it out (note i had mira become jedi) did any1 else have this occurr, why hasnt any1 said anything?

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I had this happen.  Mira and the wook fight, and then mira walks away.

There have been threads on this, because there is no closure in it.  One of the big holes in the ending.


fyi, my Mira got her ass kicked by Hanhar, and the game didn't end like when Atton got his ass kicked by the Twin Suns. Maybe the fight in itself is the conclusion to the story.

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