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Onderon as last planet

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I can't seem to get the story to progress. I have gone to all planets with Onderon being the last one and finished as much of that as I can for now. Now the journal tells me that I will be contacted later by the jedi master (he ran out of the bar). I have heard of others who go to another planet after this and complete it and then you get a message when you board the hawk from Dxun but I have no other planet to finish because I already have. Now about an hour and a half later and revisiting all the planets still no message from Dxun. Is there somewhere I should go or someone I must speak with? Thank you.

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Thanks, but it seems there is a glitch which has kept me from getting the message. I had some cut-scene with Atton and the droid yelling at each other instead which must have kept me from getting the message. I guess I have to go back few planets to another save. Thanks for your input anyway, it kept me from trying to get the message for the next 2 hours.

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