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Cut-scenes when entering Ebon Hawk


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I've been through the game once as LS female Sentinal/Watchman. Anyway I'm one of those people who finishes every possible side quest on one planet before moving on to the next (I rarely return to the Ebon Hawk). Thus the way I went through the game I got Diciple last.


When I had Diciple I entered and left the Ebon Hawk a number of times and managed to see about 6 cut-scenes or so (this was after I had him at full influence and trained him as a Jedi). Now I'm trying to figure out how the cut-scene triggers actually work. Are the triggered off of who was in your party when you enter the Ebon Hawk? Do they depend on the influence you had with the character? Planet you were on? Or a combination of things?


The 6 or so scenes with Diciple really fleshed out some of the story. But sometimes the scenes didn't necessarily seem to depend on anything like when G0T0 zaps the remote. Some charaters had many scenes (ie Diciple), some had few (Mandalor).


I'm one of those people who kind of went "Huh?!?" at the end, but it almost seems like I may have missed a couple of triggers for ship cutscenes. Based on what I've seen on the forums I only missed the Pazak Quests and the Battle Circle (didn't complete) so I think I have at least a 95% completion rate so I don't think it has anything to do with that.


I was going to try going to every planet and just take characters on and off the ship over and over at one point (like I did with Diciple), but then I was hijacked for the rest of the game (those who have played through know what I'm talking about) and couldn't go back to test it. No old saves either.


Anyway, any thoughts?

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Oddly enough, I ran into the same problem. After every planet you gain a cutscene and you get one whenever a new person joins. I also believe some trigger when you reach a certain point in the plot.


Every cut scene stays in 'queue' and I ended up doing what you did (running in and out of the ship several times) but I caught on early enough that I started coming in and out of the Hawk a bit more frequently.

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