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Question for any ladies on boards

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Were you happy with the 'romantic interests' in this game, such as atton and disciple (Bao-dur seems to be a try-sexual)? Are they as appealing as Visas and handmaiden appear to be for us men?


I'm playing cross-gendered cross-alignment right now, and while it might just be the old heterosexuality rearing its ugly head, I really want to lose enough influence with them to kill both atton and disciple, though disciple moreso.

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Why would you want to kill either of them?

I don't know about him, but since I would more than likely not find myself enamored of Disciple or Atton, then I would kill them as well.


As a male PC, they might be good friends(or not.) If I were to truly roleplay a female PC, then I might roleplay the character into falling in love with them.


However, if all I wanted was to play the female PC to note different subquests and dialogue options then I wuold kill them b/c I would quickly become annoyed with their trying to get me to love them, when I simply don't care.

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