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Stuck at the beginning! Pretty sure its a bug.


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I'm at the part where you have to get the diffierent voice samples via the voice sensor. I know the code, and I've gone to the security console and chose the option that had [sonic Sensor] in front of it. Sure enough I got XP and the journal was updated. Then I went down to the maintenance console by the airlock and chose the other [sonic sensor] entry. Nothing happened! No XP, no journal entry. I've searched around and clicked through all the logs in all the consoles but it seems that I should have gotten a journal update after choosing that entry in the maintenance console. Anybody else have this problem? I'm going nowhere fast.



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There are three voice samples you have to collect: one from the security room's console, the second from the maintenance console, and the third from HK-50.


If you have an Int of 14, you can trick HK-50 into repeating the code in the technician's voice.


Or you can just smash the console to open up the airlock.

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