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If Any 1 Needs Influence help, read this.

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Alrighty. Here's how to get your party members on your side. Lightside players are easy. If your main character is a lightside character, all you have to do for your team member is agree with them and say nice things to them, save for Kreia, and with her, you need to pick neutral choice for her.


For darkside characters, its a little more difficult. All you have to do though is say mean things to everyone (excluding your party members). Kill everyone you could help, and get every darkside point you can. Now, when you are talking to one of your party members, you have one of two choices. Usually, you need to agree with them and be nice. You will get lightside points for this, but you will not get hardly any. However, even though you do get some lightside points, your character's alignment will drop drastically. I did this with the Handmaiden twice, and she went from halfway up the lightside, to halfway down the dark.


Sometimes, you will get the option in the conversation to say not as nice things, but still gain their influence. My advice is to save whenever you think a party member of yours can get some more influence. If you're not happy with the outcome, just reload. it's working perfectly for me and everyone on my party is either dark or neutral. Except for the dumb little T3-M4. Dumb robot.

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