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skyramp assault help

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i am on my way through the skyramp, but i run into an energy shield which i cant get through. it is not the first one, which i brought down through the turret control tower, but the one after that. it brings up a helpful little "bao-duur may be able to punch through it" screen, the only problem is i used him on the dxun tomb team, so he is currently unavailble (my farthest back save slot is from the tomb, so i cant go back and redo it all without him). Is there another way to bring this barrier down?

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thank you, though i had already tried bashing i a bajillion times with all the weapons, i tried again just because you told me to and it worked. it must have been the captain guy who was causing some sort of bug so i couldnt bring it down while he was trying to hit it. that is the only thing that changed bettween both instances so that must be it. thanks again for your help.

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