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First Impressions

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About four hours in. Minor spoilers contained.


I didn't like the commerical serving as an intro movie. I just bought KOTOR2 - why are you marketing it to me?


Atton Rand comes off a little too strongly like Carth at first impression. I think this is entirely due to the visual design of the character and maybe the fact that he seems geared for pistol fighting. He has a good look - very Star Wars - but I think a strong, unique visual element would have helped him. Beard, scars, hairstyle, etc.


I think Kreia is going to be my favorite NPC in the game. It is silly, but I love the fact that she is an old woman. So uncommon in a CRPG. Her writing is top notch and I've *think* my bastard PC has been able to manipulate her into gaining influence, even though he doesn't take her seriously.


T3 rocks the house, ya'll.


The graphics and animations - so far - look slightly worse than I would have hoped for. This isn't a big concern for me. I don't like the design of the first two outfits your PC gets.


Noticed some clipping issues in the first area. Ugly bug, but it didn't hurt gameplay at all.


I want my character to go dark, but I want him to go dark without being a moustache-twirling psycho. I've had trouble doing this - gaining Light points because I don't constantly threaten to murder and abandon my party members.


The conversation with Kreia after the first area seems to be setting the tone for the rest of the game. Very cool angle if I sniffed it out. I'm going to try and work with this plotline - hopefully my PC will be able to slide down into the dark side simply because he can't walk away from war, unable to shake off the ghosts of the past.


The first 15 minutes of Telos was a little jarring. You're all primed and pumped up for the main storyline...then you're suddenly getting phone calls and being invited onto subplot stuff. I've never felt that a character saying, "Well, we're stuck here now...so we might as well explore the area." is satisfying. On the other hand, the Ithorian/Corporate conflict was interesting enough to almost keep me up *way* past my bedtime. Looking forward to getting into this area when I have the time.

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