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No spoilers, lets start off by saying that. Everything said here can be read at character as soon as you select your first force power whenever that is. There are quite a few new force powers I don't remember and some others have been improved. For instance the heal line is now 3 powers long and heals any stun effects with its 3rd level, not sure if that is stun or any debilitating power but it says stun or stun effects or something like that. It wouldn't seem very useful if it was just stun since the main sith crowd control power is fear but it will be awhile before I can test since it is an upper level power. There is a drain force power which is darkside and drains like 30 force points from its target will save for half at top level I believe, probably no fp usage since that would limit its usefulness especially at first level which only drains 10, don't quote me though.


There is a new universal power which absorbs melee damage and energy absorbtion has been modifed to absorb energy damage as well. There is a VERY big change to some of the force powers which will significantly increase the power of darkside players and specifically consular/sithlords. In kotor1 you will remember your main attack powers such as storm and deathfield were in how much damage they could do, if the descriptions are any indication these powers have been uncapped which means they will be doing double the damage of kotor1 by 20, instead of 40 damage you will get 80 damage at 20 from deathfield and 120 from storm vs 60 before! I am playing lightside now but I can't wait to play through as darkside to mull through things, in kotor1 it didn't make sense to use storm unless there were alot of people because your saber was generally faster but with uncapped damage I can see not ever having to use your saber and on top of that you get the new force stances which can increase that damage even more, insane!


Hmm, I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head that is worthy noting but I will reply as I think of stuff.

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Hmm, I forgot about another cool power which lets you play like Vader in ESB. You switch on force deflection and you can deflect blaster bolts without a lightsaber and higher levels allow you to deflect them back at the shooter. There is a new universal line called mind trick which allows you to temporarily distract a target so you can sneak by them and later levels allow for confusion (whatever that does) and possibly multiple targets I don't recall. There is revitalize which resurrects party members with a certain percentage of health and such dependant on level of power I believe but that is mentioned in the game guide on kotor2.com so nothing new there. I know there is something else worth nothing but I can't remember for now.

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