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I've been playing through KotOR yet again and came across some dialogue that I found interesting:


Canderous states that the whole reason the Mandalorians attacked the Republic was because the Sith approached them with the offer to fight a worthy enemy in a battle that would be remembered forever. Since this occured before the Mandalorian War had even started then Revan and Malak were still apprentices, and had not fallen to the Darkside yet.


Canderous later tells you that the Sith retreated quietly back into their Empire shortly before the outbreak of the Mandalorian War. From the EU we know that the Sith Empire existed beyond the reaches of Republic space, on the extreme Outer Rim. So who were these Sith?



Now, look at the whole story so far (the war against Exar Kun, the Mandalorian War, the war against Revan and Malak) from an entirely strategic point of view. The Sith Empire (not Revan and Malak, the real Sith) persuaded the Mandalorians to start a war with the Republic, which was already weak after the war against Exar Kun. The Mandalorian War further weakened it. Then the saviours of the Republic fall to the Darkside and start yet another war against it. That three very violent conflicts against the Republic in just 50 years.


I think that the Sith Empire engineered the Mandalorian War, then used the opportunity presented to turn Revan and Malak, causing yet another war. After Malak is defeated the Republic is right on the brink of collapse practically. The Sith Empire has managed to leave the Republic practically defenceless and pathetically weak without even revealing its existance and raising a finger.


I think these are the Sith you fight in TSL, having moved in to crush the weakened Republic shortly after the events of KotOR. Seems much more like Sith cunning and intelligence than Malak was.



Sorry for the long post. Any thoughts?

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