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guys i think that except canderous & the droids no one will make a big come , i'm mean rous & droids can have a big role since they were the once who couldn't be killed in kotor at all (party members type )...

think about it if jolee & bastilla were to have a big role , then if we stated in the start of the game that we killed them its over for them ...bye bye bsatilla & jolee


if at all they make a come back then either it will be a cameo role(hi -bye type) or the question about their well being will not be there ...

besides i do believe that again the party limit is 9 excluding pc ...

what do u think ???

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from what i have heard around the net....obsidian have decided for TSL dependng on your decision in Kotor 1 and who might return....this goes for bastilla Carth jolee juhani mission Zaalbar...but by the sounds of it...Canderous and the droids are returning no matter what happens with your decsions in kotor 1...in fact I didnt even think of it my self until i had a deep thought about it.



for example


if you were female revan and went dark side and had a romance with carth and you killed him.carth would not return in kotor 2...but bastilla i believe would....


if you went male and were lightside and were in love with bastilla and you spared her life...she should make a cameo or major role...hopefully!...why shouldn't she return?




if you were dark side male and you killed all the crew but canderous and the droids and carth (since he runs away on the male side) it would be low chances that jolee and juhani and mission and zaalbaar would return...


with me when i get the sith lords i am going tro say to atton rand that i went lightside male and had a relationship with bastilla and i didnt kill bastilla....because bastilla is one of my favourite characters so i want to see if shes returns i want to make sure carth returns to hopefully because he is my other favorite characters (fancy a female like me in real life playing a male role in kotor..lol..)


i hope you get it now






i hope this is right in a way from what i read...

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