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Other Possible Gaming Genres

Vulgar The Sour

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I'm sure a million people have thought of this before, but it occurs to me that there is a great opportunity for a skilled computer programming and gaming design company such as yourselves, to make bank on a D&D based strategy game that follows the style of the infamous Age of Empires games. Were you to say model key races after real world cultures, such as a Minotaur race who have the skills and quirks notable of the Vikings, a Centaur race who are modeled after the Huns, etc...


Add in the Stalwart Dwarves, who are masters of stone and fortifications; the hawk-eyed Elves, who are masters of archery and forestry; the tinkering Gnomes, who are masters of artificing and technology; the mischevious Halflings, masters of espionage and thievery; and of course the Adaptable Humans, who are masters of production.


Then face them off against Monster Races such as the prodigious Goblins; the organized Orcs; the dumb but deadly Ogres; the deceptive Yuan-ti etc...


And since I have been talking about other Game Genres, it might be a good idea to think about a high energy fighting game like Soul Caliber, only with all the D&D playable races and Monsters, and a fighting engine incorporating the character classes and spells.


Yeah I know what you are thinking...God help us, so I will just shut up now. :)

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