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12 is the new 11, NPC break down

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Actually, if you were DS female, you could kill near the end, Juhani, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, and Carth. So the only four left defnitely alive are Bastila, Canderous, T3, and HK-47.


For a DS Male, it's the same, minus the fact you can't kill Carth, except he runs away.


For both LS female and male, you can kill juhani early, or kill bastila near the end, or you can keep them all.


So, if you want to put limiters, the DS female would be the best shot. That'll limit it down to HK-47 and Canderous,, who is neither really confirmed. (HK-50 was confirmed, but I'm not so sure about 47.) Since T3 is already comfirmed, and Bastila's fate is tied with Revan, I really doubt we can say much more on those two.

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