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Hi guys, me and my friends are working on a website that incoporates the ideas of every one we talk to.


Now it is your turn, visit the site give your opinion. As you can see it is currently on a .com host. That will change in 2 - 3 weeks time, then me and my friends will have a registered domain name and we will have out own server with a static ip address. Then you will be able to upload files, down load file dependant on what the site is going to provide. I was thinking of something luploading a new NWN mod you made or COD map or Warcraft map.


Please guys we can make this site great. If you have any ideas of what we must put up and take down. Maybe even website design ideas. We will be re doing the site in ASP. So when we re do it we want to add every one's ideas of what they want on the site.


We are open to a lot of things, but i dont think hosting games will be an option. There is a link to the forum, if you want to add any comments or ideas.


Here is the site TeamLC

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