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video resolution and loading

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Hi folks,


Hope this isn't coming in way too late, but one thing that constantly bugs me when returning to KotoR 1 is the really low resolution / bad compression used for various videos throughout the game, whether it's the intro montage or a few flashback sequences. This really nags at me since it disrupts the visual unity of the game, and would have been trivial to fix.


Also, I figure this has been covered already, but I did various searches on load times and ended up with mountains of irrelevant results. Will they be significantly reduced in comparison to the previous game (on XBox)? And will we still get the sometimes inappropriate (i.e. mood disrupting) load screen factoids and tips? I'd rather those weren't in the game, or moved to some kind of PDA function, with load times/screens replaced in this order of preference:


1. No load times or screens; use streaming

2. Loading perfectly or partially disguised (e.g. elevators in Metal Gear Solid, or ship startup info in Wing Commander 3)

3. Load screens use an appropriately atmospheric animation, but with no "user" or "tourist" tips (e.g. Halo, System Shock 2, or that one survival horror PC game that used a waxing/waning moon to represent load progress)


I'm not expecting the top two preferences at this point, but I'm growing increasingly annoyed by factoid screens--they're worse than a simple "Now Loading" message in terms of throwing me out of the game. I understand the motivation behind them, but I think they break the game's holism.


Whatever the case, I'm very much looking forward to KotoR 2! And, uh, hey, when you guys need any interns.... :blink:

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Well the developers have said they have worked on improving the loading the times and there should be less of them, they also said they worked on the compression. If you look in one of the sticky post you should find the answers there. Always thought the loading time was horrible too on xbox. As for the loading screens with tips they have never bothered me....

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