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Will force powers/skills effect random NPC's?

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So lets say I've got force heal. Does that mean NPC's will com up to me for healing? Or that i can make money of it? Even dark/light side points.


Or even if had a high persuade skill will NCPs notice and ask me to help out with the guy that owns him money or to lawyer for him for a case ?


Maybe if the PC had high stealth skills some gang would high the PC for a assasination or to steal something.


Devs i hope you read this. This is what would inject so much life in the gameplay.


What are your thoughts readers/devs?

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I'm thinking along the lines that if you have a hight treat injury skill, then maybe you can open up a sidequest with, say, a doctor or medic specialist.


Similarly a repair skill will equate to aiding mechanics etc in quests.


What I don't think it will be is randomized quests like what you're saying. It would ofcourse be a nice touch and I'm all for it, but I can't really see it happening. Perhaps if K1 had a few more random encountes/quests then maybe...


I doubt TSL will lend itself that well to Fallout-esque randomization, but we shall see. :ph34r:

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I think it would be cool if options like that were implimented into the story. The replayablity would skyrocket. Unfortunately, unless the dev's already put something like this into the game we will probably have to wait until the next installment to see this.


PS I can hold my breath for about 30 seconds. Maybe a bit more.

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*verirfies the recent inactivity of the same devs who denied us the hooding/unhooding of cloaks option*


Don't hold your breath.  <_<



I'm sure you won't find this exceptable, but the dev said they really tried to do this, but it just couldn't work with all the memory issues.


As for the actual topic, how would a random npc know that someone would be proficient in one skill or another? I would thing that the side quest idea would work better

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