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A couple of things to ask. First is Mike Gallo the Lucas Arts producer or a Obsidian developer, and what role is he in the making of KOTOR2. Also how big is the chance that you are going to push the release date. My friends and i were wonder because we dont like to pre order games that we really want, and watch them get pushed back, but i heard the release date may be set in december)which is way WAY more pleasing then febuary). I also told everyone i knew on XboxLive about KOTOR2, and everyone was pleased when i told them about the MAYBE deal of being able to have a apprentice. Then alot of them said it would be cool if we are selves could be apprentices to some Sith Master. You might not answer that one, but just wanted to give it a shot. Also when will more information be released on Kotor2, cause frankly i am more awaiting this game then the beloved Halo2. Well thanks for your time. :)

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