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16x9 & 16x10 Widescreen modes PLEASE!

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Dear Devs:


Add 16x9 and 16x10 Widescreen modes /resolutions, just like DOOM 3 and World of Warcraft have done. It stinks having a widescreen laptop or TV and having to stretch KOTOR or display black bars to get the full detail.


This is especially true on LCDs: when you run at nonstandard resolutions for your LCD you use a lot of contrast and sharpness! Also, LAPTOP LCDs are actually 16x10, NOT the standard 16x9, so that's why i say include these resolutions.


Also, since humans have more peripheral vision than they do up and down vision, widescreen is actual the more "natural" and realistic shape of any type of video display. This is why filmmakers have chosen widescreen formats for 70+ years, b/c they know that widescreen is more natural and pleasing to the eye. Your game should do the same, as should all computer games and movies. Even TV is switching to widescreen.

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Too late for such improvements, but I support you don't worry.


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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Aha, yes. I posted this a while back. No official answer of course... <_<


Doom 3 supports widescreen modes? That's news to me. When I tried it only had a selection of 4:3 ratio modes (plus 1280x1024) and didn't support changing the aspect ratio at all (1280x1024 was actually slightly distorted). Have they patched it?

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