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Help with some IWD Stuff


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(Note: I apologize in advance for posting here, but Interplay no longer exists and neither does BIS... so I was directed here.)


Hey folks, I'm currently trying to create a converter for IWD that places IWD's contents into the BGII engine. (Much like BG1Tutu which I programmed up about a year ago.)


Now... there are a few problems, but the biggest problem is the BitGlobal trigger/action.


Basically what I do is upon conversion I substitute triggers/actions that aren't in BGII with some sort of equivalent. (i.e. I substitute FinalSave() with SaveGame(2)).


However, I have no idea what BitGlobal does, or what to substitute it with at all.


Are there any former BIS people that lurk around this board that could give me some insight?


Any help is appreciated.






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