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Search results - difficult format


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I'm not certain if there are personal settings to change the way search results are displayed but, I find the default format difficult to use.


I think the search results would be less intimidating if the the search results would display only the forum titile and the topic heading. It's easier to sift through topic headings for what you're looking for than full posts. Imagine how many dimes HP is written in a post.




this is a forum I commonly use. Give this search function a try. Search "normal mapping". You will see the topic, and forum it's in at a glance to decide if it might be what you're looking for.


As things are, I imagine you are getting a lot of duplicate posts since the search function here is difficult to use.


If it's as easy as changing how search results are displayed, can you put something in the faq and point me to it by replying here.

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