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Stealth other than cloak?

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We, since not many people liked the cloaking device sytem a whole lot in the first KOTOR, how about new ways for stealth? Such as a camoflauge suit (camoflauge pattern chagnes depending on the environment, like a chameleon system?) or your whole party sneaks around with you like the guys does in Splinter Cell? You do all these flips and hide in the shadows or duck behind objects and roll when the enemy is facing the other way, and your buddies follow you real close? (and if the cover is not big enough for 3 people, then the other two go hide somewhere else, or go prone to stay as hidden as possible) Just that if the party members have low stealth skills then they stumble a lot and make a lot of sound?


Or you can throw rocks and cans towards the other side of the enemy so that it makes a sound and distracts him?


And you can sneak past the sentry or you can go behind him and do a sneak attack on him?


Or anybody got better ideas for a stealth system other than the cloak generator?

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