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Boring Force Powers

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As all players of KOTOR should have seen, at all times the Dark Jedies or your NPCs (if not controlled) use the same and more of the same force powers.

It's boring to see all Jedi use Heal and the Dark Jedies just doing Force Lighting (maybe Revan or a really strong Dark Jedi) and Life Drain (which is cool but boring after the 1,000,000,000 time).


And so I have thinked about new ways to, if at least, not make new force power, then to make the old ones better and more astounding.


The first proposal is to use various force powers to achieve a new one combination of two or more. Example: Slow + Stun (and their upgrades which make it more effective)= Force Dorwsiness: Character may be put to sleep depending in the user's will and level. 2nd: Force Sleep: Characters is put to sleep for variable time between the will and level of user. 3rd: Force Unconcious: Character is unconcious for time variating for the will and level of user.


Example 2: As in the Normal Force powers, Combination Powers could be combinated more as in: Dominate Mind + Force Sleep (Stasis + Slow)= Force Telepaty: User is able to have short looks of somebodies mind.

Upgrade: Force Dream (Dominate Mind + Force Unconcious): U are able to put toughs and visions in the weaker minded people.

Alternate Upgrade: Force Impersonate: User is able to posses a man's body or even control it as willed from afar.

(This one is just example, I don't know any use it could have in the game)


Example 3: Horror + Choke= Force Torture: Inflicts painful damage, breaking the will of all but the greatest opponents.



The Second improvement is that, as u most have at least 2 other Force users (besides ur PC), there should be ways that party characters should use different force power to make a cataclismic one when their strenghts are united.

I would prefer this great force abilities for the prestige clases though.


Example: 2 Force Waves + 1 Force Storm= Force Hurricane: This legendary Force power is the ultimate expresion of nature's fury. It's capable of ddestroying entire cities and it's said that in ancient times Great Sith Lords used it for Destroying entire planets.


There might be better improvements and/or examples so post 'em right here

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I actually voiced that it was better scrap the whole KotOR force system and make a new one.


Unfortunatly its too late now.


Your idea have merit but I would rather have a skill check system were players could try to achive a effect and success was determined by skill checks, I think it best emulates the force powers as despicted in the game and make players try to use the dark side (meaning their powers) because they can, not because they taken "force grip" 3 levels ago.

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