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White March EXP--Reload Prior Save for Remainder of Base Game?

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Hi All-

How badly does the EXP from White March screw up the rest of the game? Does it make sense to do it now (8th level) and suck up being overleveled even with scaling? Play at scaled at the end of the game? Play it on a separate save and then reload a pre-White March one for the rest of the game?

I saw a lot of comments about this but none seemed to talk about whether finishing White March was relevant to finishing the base game or if you could just load an old save to avoid the EXP junk.

Thank you in advance!

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Besides the question whether the expansions make the rest of the base game too easy or not, level 8 is a good time (I'd say the perfect time) to enter the White March I. 

Since the expansions are more enjoyable than the last act of the base game (imo) I would not wait with them until the base game is nearly finished. White March I is balanced for parties around lvl 8. Going there at lvl 16 would be a lame experience I think. Also you'll find interesting loot there that is enjoyable - and for me it's better to get that and use it earlier and for a longer time than getting it super late and feel "aw dang".

White March II and Crägholt Bluffs are high level stuff and the end of WWII is still challenging at max level (while the end of the base game never was, even without expansions).

So my recommendation would be to start WM I now (you can always travel back and forth between the WM and the rear of the game locations), after finishing Durgan's Battery do the last act of the base game until the point of no return, do Crägholt Bluffs and WMII and then finish the base game completely (it wouldn't have been a challenge combat-wise anyway). 

High level bounties will most likely still be challenging no matter how you progress.


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