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Milk Molars from Early Access Savegame are gone after updating and can not be collected again

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I haven't played Grounded for a while but started playing again about a week ago. Now i noticed that my milk molar upgrades have been reset. I did not have extra milk molars to spend and the milk molars i collected during early access are marked on the map but they are not there to collect again. 

Grounded 09.01.2024 03_07_55.jpg

Grounded 09.01.2024 03_08_19.jpg

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-Hello metalhead-tom

I apologize for any frustration caused by this issue in Grounded with your milk molars. If you haven't done so already, I recommend submitting a support request to aid with the investigation of this issue. Once we have your report we'll work with you one on one to gather information regarding this issue and hopefully provide the team enough information to develop a fix. 

Obsidian Support


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I'm having the same problem, here... It's kind of making the game impossible to play, because I left off up by the shed, and now I can't really return there without access to all the mutations and everything else I had already unlocked with Milk Molars.... And I'd regather them again, honestly I would, but they're not there and that means I won't have enough by the end of the game to upgrade everything, either...

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