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WebView2 Runtime Error

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I recently got a new PC with Windows 10 to replace my Xbox series S, downloaded the Xbox app onto it and installed Grounded with gamepass. When I try and play, though, it doesnt let me, instead an error appears.

If you click "Install", it doesnt do anything and glitches out,  still saying its unable to sign in.


I was able to find a forum post on microsoft with someone tackling a similar issue, https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/webview-2-runtime-not-installing-not-able-to-sign/2ca105a1-c36c-4398-807a-c39e12e3cebb, Downloaded the Xbox Identity Provider, but still had no change. I found more similar issues and was recommended to repair the Xbox App and/or the game station, neither of which have worked. I found an official microsoft website that allowed me to "Download" WebView2, but it either did not install at all or did not change anything in terms of grounded. I am signed into an account on my xbox game bar and the xbox app which has gamepass, I tried out another gamepass game and it worked fine, yet there seems to be nothing I can do! I even checked for new updates through the xbox app itself, just in case I had a broken version, but nada there either.


(The version number incase im wrong)
Could someone please help resolve this issue? I am at a loss for words and ideas and... honestly hope, too.

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For some reason this is an issue with your PCs default microsoft account. Go to settings>Accounts>Email & Accounts and then REMOVE ALL THE EMAILS AND ACCOUNTS ON THE ENTIRE PAGE. Basically whipe everything you can off this page so it is completely blank and void of any accounts or emails and dont have any accounts signed in to your windows/microsoft settings. Then open game bar and sign in.

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