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New game concept

cody kennebeck

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Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here but I'm gonna try anyway. As I'd love some feedback. 


I am beginning the preplanning of a new game I plan to make on RPG maker in the near future. It will be a turn based RPG I'm calling Rite Of The Blood Moon. I would love to hear anyone's thought on it. Its gonna be split into 7 acts. A prequal/tutorial, 5 main chapters, and an extra challenge act for beating new game plus. Here are the acts basic description and the main party members character briefs and battle roles. 


Basic concept: The basic concept is meant to create a turned based RPG that combines things like final fantasy or earthbound with the Batman Arkham series. I'm still debating on structuring it more like the batman games or not but I'm using the act structure as it will be easier to write and I can change it later. 

Cero Alucard: The main character and vigilante vampire. He is supposed to be a fun loving and enjoyable MC, that can be sympathized with due to his charitable actions and backstory as a magic vampire that likes to act like he is on stage, looking to make the most of his gift. Explored through flashbacks and journal entries. He is very nightwing if I must make a comparison. 

In battle he would have average stats all around. With the ability to purchase new or earn new spells that can affect him or the team. 


Mystic (Jasmine Douglas): She is a smart talking Tom boy with a history in organized crime. She joins in the middle of act one as the first party member. As the only human member of the crew she is immune to AOE attacks by the vampire hunter Enemy class. 


In battle mystic is the DPS class focused on high damage numbers spread to multiple targets or a lot on one. Though her support abilities are minimal. 


Yuki Lamtora: Yuki is the leader of Sanctuary (main location) and a character met early in the adventure. Joining the party around the middle of act three and would remain the rest of the game. She is a mentor to Cero and Mystic, and is very protective over all she cares for. 


In battle Yuki would be a more physical version of Cero. Having access to “rally” buffs that improve the main stats, an attention draw ability that makes all enemies target just her (with her only taking 2/3s damage at this time) and physical high damage attacks that need time to recharge. She also has a passive I'm calling "mama bear" where when her health goes down belkow a certain percentage (25% as of now) she gains additional damage


Kite Lamtora: Kite would be a completion bonus for finding an optional collectible throughout the game (time pieces). He would then appear from the start of a new game plus file.  Met as a child during the story events, Kite takes over Cero’s mantle a long way in the future once Cero has to go onto other things. Wielding the sword of Cero’s father Alucard, Kite comes from the future to finish help Cero in his big battle against the count. 



In battle Kite would have higher stats than the rest of the party members at the same level. He also has a range of attacks taken from the others such as Ceros blade rush, Yuki's taunt, or mystics adrenaline surge (on another doc). He also spawns with his “Sword of Alucard” Item that can be equipped to any character to double their stats. 

Act outline: 

Act 0: The vampire vigilante.

Meet Cero, the vigilante protector of Vice city. Learn the lay of the land and stop a jewel thief as bigger mysteries fester just out of sight. 


Act 1: Ladies and Gentlemen

Search for clues of the mysterious symbol as a new freakshow appears in town. Take down the mysterious ringmaster and her entourage of hypnotized subjects. 


Act2:  The Mask of Normality (Vex)

The Back Spades club is hosting a public party. Sneak into the club and find the gang’s leader Vex to demand what he knows about these odd symbols. 


Act 3: Lights Camera Action (The Director) 

The director is taking people off of the streets for his macabre art project. Track him in the city pier and stop his crimes once and for all, while trying to solve the mystery of the Skal plague. Look out, vampire hunters are around every corner. 


Act 4: Family ties. (Tepes family) 

Dracula's castle appears. It's time for a family reunion as the vigilante and his allies stop the plans of the Tepes family to turn the entire town into bloodthirsty monsters.


Act 5: The grand Finale (Dracula) 

The ritual is complete. Make sure Dracula is put to sleep once and for all. 


Act 6: Kites final stand

Unlockable for beating the game, on new game plus. You play as just Kite, going all the way from the bottom of the map to the top of Dracula's castle with one health bar, limited ways to restore it and no running from fights or fast travel. Ending with a final boss fight against Cero. A version of the mode from RE2.

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