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Fun and Kind of Awesome Reload Bug

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So I was playing around with swapping pistols to fire a second shot without reloading the first gun. This strategy was working pretty well, so I picked up quick switch to shave off one more second during the start of combat burst.

I was shocked to find that if you pause the game within about .1 second of the gunshot going off, you can swap guns, then click to fire again, and you will completely skip reload, attack timer and recovery and instantly fire the gun you just swapped to. Rinse and repeat. This could be a more generous window for timing, I didn't do a lot of testing.

I have never seen anyone discuss this before, but it seems quite easy to stumble into.

Although this might seem game-breaking, because it sort of is, it also takes a small amount of skill to get it right every time.

I did take a video where I succeeded at the trick four times in a row. https://imgur.com/gallery/jdLpS3x

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