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an arquebus is also a gun. Did you mean "arbalest" maybe?

Several classes can make good use of guns (or arbalests). Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, Cipher, even Wizard...

My favorite arquebus build is a Darcozzi Paladin with Zealous Focus, Inspiring Exhortation, Coordinated Attacks and the the pistol St. Garam's Spark (first) and the arquebus "Pliambo per Casitas" (later). It's a geat support Paladin who makes taking down tough foes a whole lot easier for the party.

My favorite arbalest build is a Ranger with Swift Strikes, Driving Flight, Gunner, Marked Prey, Stalker's Link, Stunning Shots and the arbelest Hold Wall. With high attack- and reload speed this Ranger can deal nice damage to a single target but even more important lock down a single enemy because of he prone effect the arbalest has - in combination with the stun effect of stunning shots later. The prone effect applies to two enemies if you have Driving Flight.

My favorite pistol build is a Priest of Skean with Inspiring Radiance, Divine Terror, Painful Interdiction, Prey on the Weak, Apprentice's Sneak Attack and the Fellstroke pistol.

My favorite blunderbuss build is an Island Aumaua Wizard with Arms Bearer, Quick Switch, Penetrating Shot, Coil of Resourcefulness, Expose Vulnerabilities, Combusting Wounds and any four blunderbusses you can get. 

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