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Help me figure out this invisible debuff (permaslowed) (SOLVED)

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Edit: Never mind, resting didn't help but reloading did. Leaving it as a riddle for anyone who might enjoy it.

My Watcher is permanently slowed, but there's no debuff to indicate it. Resting doesn't fix it. I am guessing I have some invisible debuff that I could remove with the console, but I need help figuring out what it could be.

I probably got it from one of the first three bounties (not the ogre) or that jerk chanter in the middle of Magran's Fork. Either way, I'm in chapter the-city-hasn't-burned-yet.

I also have 6 too little constitution, and at least 6 too little might. Probably related. Attribute tooltips do not explain the deficit.

Any guesses?

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